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Consuming the User: On-Boarding Support

So there's the software, and then there's everything the leads to and from the software. Therefalse
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Is it a Map or a Compass? Product Roadmap

Product roadmaps hold great promise - they are crystal balls that predict the future, makefalse
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IT Project Implementation - 6 Changes to Demand

Recently a friend asked me to review their IT contract and an implementation of a big knowledgefalse
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3 Reasons to Scrap it and Start Over, 5 Reasons to Fix the Product You Have

    So you live and breathe by some piece of technology. It is your everything. Or is it?It'sfalse
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Boring but Powerful: Making Use of Configuration Data

When we talk product, we’re talking IT products which mean software - on some level. If you arefalse
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Eating Feedback: Customer Product Advocacy

The product you built - after careful market and user considerations needs to grow and evolvefalse
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Product Prioritization; a Multi-Dimensional Approach

Prioritizing product features can be complicated, and it probably should be. It’s usually easyfalse
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Know Where the Holes Are: Product Gap Analysis

Gap analysis is used to find out the gap between a companies potential and its position in thefalse
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Building to Plan: Product Features and Requirements

Step One: Establish a shared understanding - who is involved? If there are existing customersfalse
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Holding Your Breath: Break even analysis

Breakeven analysis is something everyone should get a grip on in their business. Knowing howfalse
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